Focus and Scope

The goal of the International Journal Corner of Educational Research (IJCER) is to keep readers up-to-date in worldwide developments in education reform by providing scholarly information and practical analysis from recognized international authorities. IJCER is the only peer-reviewed scholarly publication combining authors’ voices without regard to methodology or issue as they reflect on contemporary issues in educational reform. To this end, IJCER includes, but is not limited to inquiry-based and opinion pieces on educational issues and such areas as policy, administration, curriculum, instruction, law, and research.

IJCER should thus be of interest to professional educators in and policymakers at all levels because it fosters broad-based conversations between and among policymakers, practitioners, and academicians about educational reform goals, objectives, and methods for success throughout the world.

Readers can call on IJCER to learn from reading the works of international educational reformers who write about changes that have actually worked. Further, IJCER can help readers to understand the pitfalls of current trends in educational reform by reflecting on developments from around the global village.